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What is your Problem?

1. Pet Odor? Smoke Odor? Fish Odor?

Pet urine, fish odor, feces, athletes foot, sink pipes, air vents, smoke, washing machines, you name it. If there’s a foul odor, greenO2 products will help eliminate, and eradicate the bacteria associated to what’s causing that odor. Our products DO NOT MASK ODORS.

People spend thousands of dollars trying to track down odors. Sometimes it takes a plumber or and air specialist to zero in on foul odors, but many common odors can be isolated and treated in short order. Once the root of an odor is discovered, treat with greenO2 tablets, or our greenO2ROOM applications. Feel free to call us and discuss the best option for your odor!

2. I am sensitive to airborne spores and allergens

Chlorine dioxide is highly effective against airborne fungi and mycotoxins associated with “Sick Building Syndrome”. The growth of indoor mold spores can present major health hazards, and the efficacy of using chlorine dioxide gas as a fumigation treatment is very effective at eliminating certain fungal colonies by destroying DNA replication and protein functionality.

When used as directed, greenO2 A/B powders can be used via fogging devices, which emits certain PPM (parts per million) levels into the airspace. PPM levels are determined by severity of the underlying issue, and can be discussed with one of our consultants. Fogging treatment is an excellent method used to eliminate airborne viruses, airborne mold spores, HVAC odors, and for general air quality hygiene.

3. I am tired of using chlorine, bleach and other toxic products around my children

Please read carefully. Nearly ALL disinfectants have ingredients that are toxic, or combine with other chemicals to create toxic byproducts. greenO2 products will never leave behind harmful byproducts or irritate your skin. In fact, chlorine dioxide breaks down into simple salts. The chemical structure of chlorine dioxide (CLO2) does not allow for it to combine with other chemicals. Chlorine (bleach), on the other hand, WILL combine with other chemicals, and chlorinate, which can create toxic byproducts left behind after cleaning. There are no other disinfectants available that will kill a broader spectrum of microbes and bacteria.

Chlorine dioxide also requires the least amount of contact time in order to achieve the highest kill rates, so the next time you spray and wipe, rest assure that you are maximizing your disinfection options when using greenO2 products. greenO2MEDx is an excellent alternative to brand name cleaners and disinfectants. We have added just the right amount of cleansing agent, which maximizes the disinfecting capabilities of the chlorine dioxide. Order yours today!

4. Hand Sanitizer? Are they all created equal?

Welcome to the deceptive world of hand sanitizers! The next time you pick up a bottle of hand sanitizer, turn it over and look at the ingredients. You’ll find a high percentage of alcohol, and a slew of other inactive ingredients to make it smell good, or provide a moisturizer. The ONLY active ingredient in these name brand sanitizers is alcohol. Remember, alcohol requires a lengthy contact time in order to achieve high kill rates, and it DOES NOT kill all bacteria. SEE DISINFECTANT COMP SHEET

So, why does the bottle say “Kills 99.9% of bacteria”? It’s a powerful statement isn’t it? Why wouldn’t we buy something that claims to kill 99.9% of the bad stuff?! First of all, those brand names spend millions of dollars to be able to market, and claim those kill rates. In fact, one of the largest name brands in the world included Triclosan as their active ingredient for killing bacteria, and sold hand sanitizer all over the world. After some research, however, Triclosan was found to have serious health risks over time to the endocryn system and reproductive activity. After paying some steep fines and apologizing, the company had already made their money and moved on to advertising products that may not be in your better interests.

So, how do you really know what bacteria is being killed, and just how effective is that 99.9% kill rate? At greenO2 we’ve taken the time to visually show you exactly what bacteria is being killed, at what dilutions we’ve used, and compared it to major brand names. Our hand sanitizer, HealthyHands combines alcohol AND chlorine dioxide complex, which makes it the most powerful and effective hand sanitizer on the market. You will be shocked to see just how much more effective HealthyHands is over name brand products. Click here to see our lab results.