Whether it be for Home, Business, or Industrial Usages, Let our Customers Tell You About GreenO2!

Brian & Kelly Dobson – Atlanta, GA

“We had some recurring musty odors throughout our basement and used the chlorine dioxide liquid to fog the entire area, and then used 4 of the GreenO2Room units to completely get rid of the mold smell. We were very impressed that the smell was completely gone. As recommended, we are now using the time release units on a monthly basis to keep the odor down and disinfect the area. Thank you to the sales team for your support!"

Patrick Johns – U.S. Virgin Islands

"GreenBoat worked like a charm to help knock down the fuel smell creeping into the cabin. I left one of the units in overnight and the smell gone by morning. Spoke to one of the reps at GreenO2, and they also suggested using the liquid form as a wash down on the deck to control mildew on my teak trim. Once I received the materials, I used the product for a week and was amazed that the black mold was gone and the deck was no longer slippery from previously using a bleach product. Would highly recommend using these products for odor control and mildew removal.”

Derrick Walton – Baltimore, MD

“I purchased GreenAuto for my SUV to get rid of the food and athletic equipment odors from my 3 boys constantly being in the car after school and practice. The package was easy enough to use and I left it in the car overnight. I was amazed at how effective it was in getting rid of the smell! I aired the car out while I drove around the next day. 5 stars to GreenO2Auto! I would recommend to anyone that has kids and runs into odor issues with their car."

Chris Favor – IHG, Atlanta, GA 

"We started working with the staff at GreenO2 and found them very helpful with helping to establish green initiatives and consulting with us on the direction of minimizing our carbon footprint as a company. They have been more than accommodating, are an abundance of information, and their chlorine dioxide products have been nothing short of a “wonder fix” for our water systems including knocking out bio film in our cooling towers. Nicely done!"

Elaine Sanchez – Atlanta, GA

"Purchased the ICS unit and the staff love it! We are able to keep controls on cleaning solution usage, and maximize labor hours. We mainly use it throughout the restrooms, showers, and employee locker rooms. Where was this product 5 years ago!?"

David & Maria Chase – Seaside rentals, U.S. Virgin Islands

"We tried both the spray product and the GreenO2Room product when turning our rental units for new tenants and saw striking results. One of the units had a harsh pet odor as well as some rotten food odor. We put 3 of the GreenO2Room units throughout the villa and left them there over night. My husband and I were both amazed that both smells were completely gone. The product left a little chlorine ‘clean’ type smell that eventually faded over the weekend. We will continue to use these products as we turn our units. Traditional odor cleaning costs run into the high hundreds per unit. This is a very economical fix. Thank you!"

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