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Chlorine Dioxide Tablet – 4 Gram (PRICE IS PER TABLET)


Product Description

Manufacturer: greenO2, LLC

Developed as an easy and convenient method of producing a safe and effective super- disinfectant, GreenO2 chlorine dioxide tablets are well suited for a variety of smaller applications.

Highly effective as a means of eliminating odor, mold, mildew and bacteria, chlorine dioxide is the preferred method of oxidation, sanitation and disinfection.

Our chlorine dioxide tablets dissolve in water immediately, and are at full strength after about 5 minutes reaction time.

The optmimal shelf life remains for up to 4 weeks with proper storage (cool and dark space.) Available in a range of sizes and concentrations to offer users a simple method of producing chlorine dioxide solutions that are optimal for specific applications. Such methods may include preparation in a sprayer for surface cleaning and disinfection, storage in a bottle for periodic use as an oxidizer or as a solution to place in an atomizer/ fogger for misting and removing germs and odors with a shock treatment of any space.


Widely regarded as the product of choice when treating for any of the following:

• Mildew
• Smoke
• Pet Odors
• Bacteria/Viruses/Microorganisms


1g Tablet – Makes 1 Liter 100-125 ppm 4g Tablet – Makes 1 Liter 500 ppm
20g Tablet – Makes 1 Gallon 500 ppm

Pricing: Call Sales Representative


Tablets can be used as a refill option for greenMED, and greenMIST, or as a stand alone product in your own containers, sprayers, or foggers.

To activate, follow the instructions given on the tablet cover. Tablets will generate safe concentrations of ClO2 within minutes for quick use. Use smaller tablet for lighter generation concentrations for household deodorization, disinfection and sanitization.

Larger concentrations are ideal for clinical disinfection, therapy centers, early childhood care centers, retirement homes, athletic facilities, artifcial turf treatment and many more.

Sprays, and foggers can be used in common areas such as: Restrooms, locker rooms, shower stalls, equipment rooms, wrestling mats, outdoor seating, lobbies, decks and more.


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