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Q. What is greenO2 (Chlorine Dioxide)?

A. GreenO2 is an Eco-friendly approach to disinfection, with far superior sanitizing power than bleach, and without the harmful chlorine residue. GreenO2 attacks odors, urine, bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, viruses and other pathogens on contact through oxidation, a method also associated with less user friendly ozone. The active biocidal substance in all of our products is chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Whether it be to remove foul odors, treat water supplies, or overall disinfection, GreenO2 is highly versatile and can be used in air (as a vapor), on surfaces, or at a variety of dilutions/concentrations in water.

Q. What makes greenO2 a “green” product?

A. Unlike bleach, or chlorine, GreenO2 (chlorine dioxide) consumes itself, without leaving a residual of chlorine in the air or waste water. The looming fear of bleach and ammonia mixing, producing a virulent off gassing of pure chlorine gas is harmful. GreenO2 does not generate chlorine, chlorate, chlorite or chloride, and GreenO2 has 10X the oxidation power of bleach! The pH level of GreenO2 is also near neutral, unlike most other acidic or basic chemicals that can burn the skin. This pH is also much gentler to send to your local water municipality, and unlike all other biocides, GreenO2 works on a broad range of pH (4-10), allowing for less process equipment in commercial and industrial applications.

GreenO2 also saves you “green $”. For example, as is the case with our GreenO2Room product, the cost is as low as 10% of the total cost of standard fogging systems used to treat odors. That equates to huge savings when turning hotel rooms, or preparing for new tenants. Lastly, many of our products are pre-mixed concentrations and packaged in an Eco-friendly manner, using biodegradable corn based containers as opposed to plastic that may or may not be recycled by the customer. Visit GreenO2.net/greenintiative to view the GreenO2 company wide environmental stewardship program.

Q. Is greenO2 safe to use?

A. Absolutely! No more worrying about being burned by bleach or chlorine products. Prepackaged products such as GreenO2Room, GreenO2Auto and GreenO2 bottle sprays arrive with detailed instructions for use. Our chlorine dioxide powders are inert in their separate containers, and only activate once mixed. If purchased in bulk, our representatives will be happy to provide you with detailed mixing ratios and assist with appropriate dosing instructions to make sure that you are using proper quantities for maximum effectiveness.

Chlorine dioxide is EPA and NSF-60 approved and has proven to be the safest and truly the most environmentally friendly disinfecting method on the planet.

Q. Where can greenO2 be used?

A. Chlorine dioxide has been used for over 100 years to safely treat municipal drinking water with no adverse effects. Our products are highly effective against bacteria, mold, viruses, microorganisms, and killing airborne & water bound pathogens. In fact, The United States government utilizes chlorine dioxide to counter biological attacks such as anthrax, for example. Because the outer membranes of cells or viral capsids are very sensitive to oxidation, GreenO2 is a perfect fit for killing targeted pathogens. As another example, FEMA used chlorine dioxide in applications ranging from drinking water disinfection to enclosed fumigation (air delivery) as the most effective treatment method to eradicate pathogens and mold after Hurricane Katrina.

Common applications for greenO2 include, but are not limited to:

Aquaculture, Breweries, Fishing Industry, Schools, Food and Beverage, Wine making, Agriculture, Poultry Industry, Hatcheries, Rendering, Livestock, Produce Industry, Supermarkets, Odor Control, Mold and Mildew Kill, Pesticide Applications, Medical Facilities, Pharmaceuticals, Lab Settings, Industrial Cooling Water, Potable and Non-Potable Water Treatment, Clean in Place CIP Systems, treatment equipment Bioslime Removal, Hospitality Industry, Legionnaire Eradication, Cruise Ships, Property Management Industry, Bacterial Control in Oil Wells and Petroleum Systems, Horticulture and Greenhouse Applications, Cleaning Agents for Disinfection of Hard Non-Porous Surfaces, Nail Fungicide, Work out Facilities, MRSA and Staphylococcus Biocide, Wound Care, Dentistry, Antimicrobial agents and any other application requiring complete disinfection of any water or aerosol (air) application in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications.

Q. Can chlorine dioxide be used to wash vegetables?

A. Absolutely. Chlorine Dioxide is excellent for use of washing down vegetables. Its ability to kill fungi, viruses, and spores at very low concentrations is essential in this process. Use of CLO2 as a wash down solves several problems. It will not effect taste, odor, or appearance. It is also safe to use and falls under safe regulatory food guidelines. Ideal for use on Potatoes, Apples, Lettuces, and all citrus fruits, protecting against mold, and rot.

Q. Isn’t Chlorine Dioxide just Chlorine?

A. 100% No. They are two very distinct chemicals that react differently and produce by-products that have very little in common. Chlorine Dioxide smells somewhat like Chlorine, but it should not be confused with Chlorine whatsoever. Chlorine Dioxide leaves a completely harmless residual very similar to normal table salt, while Bleach and Chlorine leave toxic by-products.

Q. What are limitations of greenO2 products?

A. You can safely use GreenO2 products for your intended uses, just as you would any other household cleaning agent. All of our products come with specific instructions of use, along with safety and hazard guidelines. When used as advised, optimal results and environmental stewardship are achieved.

Q. Why do some greenO2 products come in two separate containers?

A. Because chlorine dioxide is most effective in its gaseous state, it has historically been nearly impossible to package or use in smaller applications. Certain GreenO2 products use a two part packaging method, which combines two inert components at the time of use. Once these parts are combined, the generation of chlorine dioxide is immediate and your GreenO2 product quickly begins to work! Whether you are deodorizing your car, controlling mold, purifying water, or initiating large scale virus/bacteria remediation, rest assured that GreenO2 will rapidly tackle the job at hand.