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  • Chlorine Dioxide

    Chlorine Dioxide is an extremely effective, potent, fast acting bactericide that does not form toxic by-products, is 100% biodegradable, and leaves no residual toxicity. It will eliminate odors, and rapidly destroys sessile bacteria. With minimal contact time, it is highly effective against many pathogenic organisms including bacterial spores, MRSA, STAPH, C Diff, Legionella, Tuberculosis, Salmonella, […]

  • Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Technologies from GreenO2

    GreenO2 specializes in chlorine dioxide (ClO2) applications and is paving the way for use of safe, Eco-friendly friendly chlorine dioxide based delivery systems for use across a multitude of fields. Our line of chlorine dioxide products and disinfection solutions offer impressive cost, safety, environmental and operational benefits over more common chlorine dioxide delivery approaches and […]

What our valued clients saying about us

  • “We use green MIST for every room turn and green room packets to remove smoke, mildew and food odors. In my experience nothing works like GreenO2 products. They kill germs and odors without just masking them.”

    -J.meehan Ritz-Carlton
  • “Our Kitchen is cleaned every night using chlorine dioxide with our soaps and administered with our satelite foamer. Our ATP results also fall well within the recommended standards. Thank you GreenO2.”

    -S. Pomroy Urban Eating Restaurant Group
  • “Since adopting ATP testing we no longer use visual inspection to gauge cleanliness, and can now validate our cleaning protocols. Lower contamination and infection risks to our patients and staff are remarkable benefits.”

    -B Eastman UHC Group
  • “GreenMIST is an excellent addition to our fitness center. With the fear of Staph infection on the rise using such a safe and powerful product gives our clients the assurance they deserve.”

    -W.Tierri 24/7 Fitness